I am a Rock and Roll Girl

I don’t know why I don’t have music plugged in my ears all the time, all day long. Music makes me happy. I’m a rock and roll girl.

I’m a little slow when it comes to the latest stuff. I don’t even know what to call it. Technology? Advances? Modern times? Anyhoo, I just discovered Pandora. Yep. Say it with me. Duh Laurie! Where the heck have you been???

Being the 80′s girl that I am, I naturally plugged in Def Leppard, Journey, Triumph. All the obvious choices. But then my sister said she’s been listening to One Republic radio. What??? You can listen to current songs too? Why don’t I know these things? One Republic, Linkin Park, The Fray… OMG!! The best!

Music has always been a happy thing for me. My mom cleaned the house to Abba and Neil Diamond. My sister and I always had records playing in our room. But I have to listen to music that’s up beat. I’ve gotten in the bad habit (in my old age) of blurting out, “turn that sappy shit off” when I’m hearing a sad or slow song. Not my finest moments, but it gets my point across. Music affects my mood, my very well-being.

When I first met my Hubby, he would often have music playing at his house. But it would be jazz or classical or some type of wrist slicing music. I was torn between letting him know I hated his music (and risk that he may think of me as unsophisticated) or just quietly throw myself out his window. Either one would rise some eyebrows, I feared. I eventually told him I was a rock and roll girl, and happily for me, he married me anyway.

So I will have ear buds in my ears, listening to my rock and roll. And I will be happy. “I got the magic power of music in me”. That’s from my favorite song Magic Power by Triumph. Yes it’s an old song. Really old. But we don’t judge here. ;) 

P.S. You should see how fast my daughter will turn the channel when John Legend comes on in the car!! She’s well trained (or scared)!!



DIY Sand Dollar Art

WelcomeTwo Peas 2 to another tutorial from Two Peas in a Pod!

The inspiration for this tutorial came from this silver sand dollar picture. It’s simple, yet gorgeous. But it costs over $500!

What???? DIY Sand Dollar Art

So based on that beautiful piece, I made my own DIY sand dollar art. For free! Yep! I received the sand dollars from Dana at CereusArt, and the rest of the items I already had on hand. You can do this too!

Materials Used:

  • Two sand dollars from CereusArt
  • White linen looking fabric
  • Brown twill scrap fabric
  • Foam Core Board
  • Hot Glue
  • Goop Adhesive
  • White 16 x 20 inch frame

sand dollar pic 1

I had a white 16 x 20 frame left over from something. I cut a piece of foam core to fit the inside of the frame. Then I covered the foam core with a piece of white linen looking fabric. The fabric is adhered to the back of the foam core with hot glued.

sand dollar pic 2.jpg sand dollar pic 3

Next, I cut two 6 x 6 inch foam core squares and covered them with brown twill scrap fabric.

sand dollar pic 4

I wanted to add another element to the picture, so I found some left-over thin trim pieces and miter cut them to frame the 6 x 6 inch squares. I used wood glue and a pin nail gun to put the trim frame together.

sand dollar pic 8 wax

I applied some finishing wax to the trim pieces. It didn’t change the color of the wood, but it gave the wood a more polished, clean look.

sand dollar pic 7

The twill covered foam core squares fits snug inside the wood trim frames.

sand dollar pic 10

sand dollar pic 6 goop glue

I used all-purpose Goop to adhere the framed 6 x 6 squares to the white fabric board, and also used it to glue the sand dollars to the fabric squares. And that’s it!

DIY Sand Dollar Art

The top sand dollar is showing the front side and the bottom sand dollar is showing the reverse side. This is to give the sand dollars a “mirrored” image.

DIY Sand Dollar Art Thank you Dana for the gorgeous sand dollars!

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Booth Display Ideas

hinged door thumb nail

Opening up an antique booth has been a challenge in not spending money until we make some money.

But we need booth display ideas. We need to inexpensively decorate our booth with things we aren’t going to sell, like doors for back drops and dividers and shelves to display items on.

Since we haven’t made a sale yet, getting creative with decorating on the cheap has been our goal.

Roaming our favorite Habitat Restore, Crys and I came across 2 sets of hinged doors. Only $10.00 each!

Here’s how we turned them into standing display shelves and room dividers.

hinged door 1

They needed a little TLC, so when washing didn’t bring them back to life, I gave them a coat of white semi-gloss paint. Much better!  Even better still… I already had the paint.

hinged door 2

Once the paint was dry, I cut pieces of 1 x 3 with my miter saw and made shelf supports. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but each shelf support has two pieces of 1 x 3, one across the front, and one closer to the back. While using a level to keep them straight, I used wood glue and a nail gun to attach the 1 x 3 to the door.

hinged door 5

Then I cut the shelves out of foam core board, then covered them with this black and white shelf paper I had. The shelves come right out so we can re-cover them with the seasons or whenever we want a different look.

hinged door 3

In our booth, they act as a divider for our space from the booths next door. On the outside of the doors, we plan to hang pictures using decorative door knobs.

hinged door 4

Antique Booth Display Ideas

Our next cheap trick will be to have a panel of doors along the back of the booth. That will be coming soon!