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Turning an Antique Door into a Clock

clock door finishedHere’s an easy way to give an antique door (that you just had to have, Laurie!) a purpose besides sitting in a corner looking pretty.

Turn it into a clock!  I picked up this old door at an antique store a couple of years ago. It’s been all around the house, in just about every corner.  It was already painted with chalk paint on one side.  The other side was left in its old, painted, peely state.

I picked up a clock hand set at Hobby Lobby for $19.99.  Most are not that expensive, but I needed giant hands for this clock project.  The package comes with the hands and the battery pack that goes on the other side.

clock hands

The clock hand package did not come with instructions.  I’m not sure why.  All it said was that the hands could be painted.  It’s not hard to figure out how to put the clock together, since the pieces can only fit a certain way, but frustrating nonetheless.

I found the “center” of the chalkboard area and drilled a hole through the door,  The battery mechanism goes on the back side of the door, with the screws and hands on the front side.

clock numbers

I considered just using chalk to write in the numbers on the clock, but decided on printing out numbers and cutting my own stencils instead.  Chalk would have saved me a lot of trouble though… Keep reading,

clock cup bottom

Word of warning…  Read the can label, people!  The spray paint I picked up was for outdoors. Pretty heavy-duty stuff!  It was not my intention to use outdoor paint, but I liked the color.  And I didn’t read the label on the can.  And because I was not cautious enough, the paint ATE right through the plastic cup.   Why was there spray paint in a plastic cup?  Because I needed a bit of paint to stencil the numbers with. But now there’s a not-so-lovely ring of paint on my console table from the melting cup.   AND it won’t wash off because I bought outdoor crazy paint.

Can you guess what my next project is going to be?  (Aren’t you glad I make these mistakes for you??  Now you don’t need to be a dumb dumb like me.)  ;)

clock spill 2

My next project…  Refinishing the table top!

clock door finished

Despite the mess I made, I’m happy with this project.  And to my amazement, it actually keeps time.  Now I have an old door leaning in a corner with a useful purpose. :D

clock before and after

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Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

lamp shade collageChanging out your lamp shades is an easy, inexpensive home decor update. But if you already have a shade that can be modified with a little DIY elbow grease, then you have an opportunity to create a unique lamp shade with minimal cost and supplies.

I picked up a plain, white lamp shade at a Pottery Barn Outlet a while ago, for 10.00. Once I had it home, it was too white and too plain to work with my decor.  So I did what many other DIY-ers would do… I checked out Pinterest for inspiration to get the ole mind rolling. ;D  Take a look at these creative ideas for lamp shades!

Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

Rope Lamp Shade (source unknown)

Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

Stenciled Lamp Shade

Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

Lace Covered Lamp Shade

Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

Button Lamp Shade

diy lamp shade

Fabric Lamp Shade (source unknown)

Reclaimed Ribbon Lamp Shade

Prize Ribbon Lamp Shade

Sweater Lamp Redhead Can

Sweater Lamp Shade

Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

Ribbon Lamp Shade

Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

Map Lamp Shade (source unknown)

Creative Ideas for Lamp Shades

Felt flowers Lamp Shade (Source unknown)

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Renewing Your Garage Steps

garage paint

Painting garage steps would not normally be on my radar of things to do. But but my friend, Janet, sent me before and after pictures of her newly painted garage steps and they look awesome!  She kindly offered to let me use her paint to do my steps, so I decided to give a go.  Free is good, right??

This product is called Rescue It!” by Olympic.  It’s a wood and concrete resurfacer that seals weathered or damaged wood.  Janet bought this paint at Lowes, where she was told people rave about the stuff.  It really did a fantastic job!  It sealed the wood on my stairs and hand rail.  Now my garage has pretty steps.  Who knew I even cared!  Ha!!

renewing garage steps

I brushed off the steps to get rid of dirt and cobwebs. I did not give them a big scrubbing. (Mostly ‘cuz I’m lazy.)

renewing garage steps

Next I taped off the back of the steps (the vertical wood) and painted the steps with Rescue It!. I also painted the railing.  My Dad will be happy to see this! No more splinters. ;)

garage steps

After two coats of Rescue It dried, I taped off the brown edges to paint the vertical wood a Glossy White. And that’s it! It may not be completely dry until Christmas ‘cuz of all the rain we’ve been getting these days, but they look good! :D

renewing your garage steps

janet stairs before and after

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