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Opening an Antique Mall Booth

yankeebelle boothMy antiquing, thrift store shopping/repurposing furniture and treasure hunting friend (Crys) and I have rented an antique mall booth!

Not quite sure how it came about, we just kind of did it. We’ve been wishful thinking about doing something like this for years.

It’s a newly opened antique mall, still accepting vendors. It’s in a huge old building with really cool architecture. There’s even a filming crew there from the show Banshee. They use part of the building for their show. More importantly, we got a great deal on the booth, are able to rent month to month, so if we end up not liking it, or we don’t do well, or it’s just not fun, we’re not locked in to a big commitment.

It’s exciting!

Now we just have to fill up our space with items, and price them. We both love to DIY and have things ready to sell. That’s the easy part. Pricing is the hard part.

This will be our challenge. I’m sure after a while, we will have more confidence pricing the things we sell. But when you put your heart and soul in making a piece of furniture beautiful, or unique, what is that worth? I don’t know.

Soooo, if anyone would like to share some words of wisdom on renting an antique mall booth and/or how to price items, I’m all ears!

DIY Framed Cork Board


cork board black and white 7.jpgA couple of years ago, I picked up these mirrors at Habitat Restore. As usual, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but brought them home anyway.

Making a framed cork board / bulletin board came to mind. I picked up some fabric and foam core at Hobby Lobby, then grabbed a can of Heirloom White spray paint from Home Depot.

cork b 1

First step was to disassemble them.

cork b 2

cork b 3 cork b 4

Once the mirrors were removed from the frames, I traced the outline of the opening on to a form core board. (I could have traced the mirrors, but that just occurred to me at this very moment! Duh!)

cork b 5

After I had the opening traced, I took the frames outside for several coats of Heirloom White spray paint.

cork b 9

I used an Xacto knife and my sewing straight edge to cut out the foam core.

cork b 6

Next I glued on cork board to the front of the form core, using E6000 glue as the adhesive.

cork b 7

cork b 8

Once the glue was dried. I trimmed the cork board to the size of the foam core board.

cork b 10

The final step was wrapping the foam core/cork board in fabric. I cut the fabric a couple of inches bigger than the foam core then folded over the edge and stapled it together. I also used hot glue to the edge of the seams for extra hold.  Then I hinged the two frames back together. Done!

cork board black and white 7.jpg


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